Blu-ray Review: BlacKkKlansman

Universal Pictures has finally released Spike Lee’s incendiary feature film, BlacKkKlansman, on Blu-ray. Not long after Ron Stallworth becomes the first African American detective in the Colorado Springs Police Department, he decides to infiltrate the local chapter of the KKK – headed by David Duke – with the help of a Jewish colleague named Flip […]

Blu-ray Review – The Changeling

Peter Medak’s The Changeling is now available on a beautiful Blu-ray set from Second Sight. I remember the first time that I ever watched The Changeling. I was over at my friend’s house. Her mother cooked dinner for us, and we all gathered around to watch the VHS of this 1980 horror classic. I sat […]

Blu-ray Review: Tully

Jason Reitman teams up yet again with screenwriter, Diablo Cody, and actress, Charlize Theron, for the wonderfully realized comedy-drama, Tully. It is now available on DVD and Blu-ray from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment. Marlo, the mother of three children, is on the brink of a serious case of postpartum depression, when her brother arranges for […]

Blu-ray Review: The Return

Kino Lorber has released Andrey Zvyagintsev’s directorial debut, The Return, on Blu-ray.  When the father of Andrei and Ivan returns unexpectedly after a twelve year absence, he invites the two boys to go on a camping trip that will cast them into a whirlwind of conflicting emotions – and with tragic results. This film tackles the […]

Blu-ray Review: Double Lover

François Ozon’s latest film, Double Lover, is finally available on Blu-ray from Cohen Media Group. When Chloe falls for her psychologist, Paul, her world turns upside down in a myriad of ways when she discovers that her lover has a twin – a diabolical, sex maniac named Louis, who, as it turns out, is also […]

Blu-ray Review: Mermaids

Richard Benjamin’s 1990 coming of age film, Mermaids, has finally arrived on Blu-ray, courtesy of Olive Films. This tale of sexual awakening and teenage angst stars Cher as the flighty mother of two young girls – played by Winona Ryder and Christina Ricci. When they move to a new town, the oldest daughter, Charlotte (Ryder) […]