Blu-ray Review: This Magnificent Cake!

Marc James Roels and Emma De Swaef’s medium-length stop motion animated film, This Magnificent Cake! has arrived to Blu-ray via Kino Lorber and GKIDS. The film takes place in colonial Africa in the 19th century, and it unfolds in five different segments. Each segment deals with specific characters who are driven by wealth and greed. […]

Thoughts on ‘Fat Girl’

Catherine Breillat‘s 2001 film, Fat Girl, is, above all things, a mood piece. A brutal tale of sexual awakening, with a sense of dread that hangs onto every scene, leading to that powerful and complicated ending. It’s in the way that Breillat places subtle ominous tones into the sound mix. It’s in the haunting songs […]

Film Review: Innocence

Lucile Hadžihalilović’s 2004 film, Innocence, is an ethereal masterpiece – relying on atmosphere, mood, and ambiguity to tell the story of a girl’s boarding school, where the new students arrive in coffins and there isn’t one male in sight. It is a walled community in the midst of a beautiful and mysterious forest. The girls […]

Film Review: L’Ange

Patrick Bokonowski’s 1982 experimental feature, L’Ange (The Angel), has been released by Re:Voir as part of a beautiful Blu-ray/DVD combo package. L’Ange is so many things that they can’t all possibly be listed here, but it is mainly a study on the mundanity of life, of routine, and the unexplained ethereal forces that break through […]

Blu-ray Review: Equus

Sidney Lumet’s Equus hit theaters in 1977. I think it’s safe to assume that audiences weren’t quite prepared for what they witnessed. This is not easy material to digest. Some will love it, and others will loathe it. However, those who find themselves on its wavelength will never forget it. For me, personally, it stands […]

Flicker Alley Releases ‘Der Hund Von Baskerville’

It was thought lost for quite some time, but the good folks at Flicker Alley have restored and released Richard Oswald’s 1929 silent film adaptation of the classic Sherlock Holmes mystery. Rich in atmosphere, with beautiful performances from Carlyle Blackwell, Sr and George Serov as Sherlock Holmes and Watson, this is an absolute treasure. The […]