Review: La Grande Bouffe

Arrow Films has released the controversial 1973 French film, La Grande Bouffe, in a Blu-ray/DVD combo pack. La Grande Bouffe focuses on four well to do men who have serious problems at home, most of them involving sex. Ugo is a professional chef who seems discontent with his wife. Marcello is suffering from erectile dysfunction. […]

Review: Heavy Traffic

Ralph Bakshi was one of the most influential and original voices in animation in the sixties and seventies, and most of his films have gone on to develop large cult followings. Often blending live action with crude animation, the majority of his films were largely controversial, often earning X ratings from the MPAA. The semi-autobiographical […]

Retrospective: Possession

Anna: [to Zimmermann, about the creature] He’s very tired. He made love to me all night. Andrzej Zulawski’s Possession is a film that’s impossible to prepare for. It is a film that refuses to let go once it has you in its tentacles – and after it’s over, you’ll definitely come back for more. Possession […]

Review: Tideland

Terry Gilliam’s films have always been a bit challenging. Most of them have to grow on you, as is the case with Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas and Twelve Monkeys. Some of his films are instant classics, such as Brazil and Time Bandits. However, nothing that Gilliam has done in the past will prepare […]

Retrospective: Gummo

The first time that I experienced Harmony Korine’s Gummo, I was shocked, horrified, and repulsed by it. I was almost positive that it was the vilest piece of trash ever committed to celluloid – but I kept going back to it. During each subsequent viewing, I became aware of Harmony Korine’s intentions. Yes, he wants […]

Review: Paperhouse

Bernard Rose’s Paperhouse will always be one of my favorite films from the eighties. I find it appalling that the film hasn’t developed the following that it so deserves after all of these years. It is an intelligent fantasy with two incredible lead performances from young actors Charlotte Burke and Elliot Spiers. The film centers […]